We mass produce cards with a single template, providing options as to what type of card may be used. This is best for clients needing retail membership cards, loyalty or priviledge cards, and identification cards. Casinos, hotels, and governement offices are just some of the industries that avail of this service.

A contactless Innovative and functional, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) card solution will show people your business is forward-thinking, while also providing a convenient solution for both you and your customers.

Design your cards to represent your brand in the best way using a range of personalization options that allow your customers to redeem their cards including magnetic stripes, barcodes and numbering in transparent or metal card.

Plastic business cards are much less likely to be discarded and will act as a reminder of why they should keep in touch with you.

Identify, record and recognize employees, contractors and visitors with our plastic ID cards for businesses.

Not only are you giving your customers the convenience of two cards so they are less likely to forget it, you are also increasing your brand exposure and the likelihood of people choosing your company.

Custom design your membership cards with barcodes and magnetic stripes to enable redemptions of benefits with till systems, or you can simply use numbering to identify members.

Our event passes are the perfect size to fit into a card-holder, or you can choose hole-punched cards that can be affixed to a lanyard (not supplied).

Let your customers appreciate their loyalty cards not only for their benefits, but also a long lasting alternative to paper and boards cards.

Eliminate the necessity for regular replacements of your loyalty cards reducing your costs and the inconvenience to the customer.

Card Specifications

Dimensions of membership cards
Standard wallet card size, 85 x 54mm (CR80)

100% plastic, just like a credit card

0.7mm or 0.3mm

Printing options
Full colour double-sided print or front only with blank white reverse

Standard Finish

High quality gloss laminated finish as standard or you can choose the matte finish which is writable

Additional Features

We also offer a wide range of additional features

Personalization and Security Options

  • Signature Panel
  • Magnetic Stripe
  • Pin and Barcoding
  • Microtext
  • Flat Numbering
  • Embossing
  • Scratch Panel
  • UV Lam

It doesn’t have to be complicated

With ARB Logography, you can have the simplified business solutions unique to
your business needs.